Rebranding Poster
Old logo, new logo
New claim "pioneering mobility" — core competence, first mobile phone DynaTAC (1973), project ARA (Google)
Logotype variations
Logotype evaluation
logotype backgrounds - show case
Logo evolution, further use of details, pattern creation
Holistic branding approach is "the comprehensible brand", goes beyond the logo. 1st quick sketch of an storytelling approach into their products since contemporary mobile phones are as flat screens mostly the same flat black squares. Currently working on a more profound product design strategy (design thinking/product design) for MOTOROLA as a subsequent project (WIP)...
Black Bar (boot screen, active illuminated menu buttons) — product design evaluation of a fully black object, only the main button is embossed (zoom image!).
promotional poster
"mobile communication since 1973" — concept for a TV campaign to feature one of MOTOROLA's core characteristics: the longest expertise in mobile phone making
Short TV clips in the sketched style like "La Linea" or "Red Bull" TV advertisements showing different scenarios of mobile communication through all previous centuries. The logo expands and transforms into hills, birds, islands...telling the respective story and ending on "Mobile Communication since 1973" showing the DynaTAC and comparing to MOTOROLA's newest phones, closing with "MOTOROLA — pioneering mobility"
Six selected scenarios of mobile communication.
DynaTAC — Moto X comparison on each end of the mini clips
Martin Cooper invented the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X in 1973
Advertising idea of crazy product placements, everything unique that is a black bar and could serve as a confusing image for mobile communication like here the mystic black monolith in Space Odyssey 2001

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